Month: October 2013

Wildes and Weinberg – liberalizing immigration law practices since 1960

United States is a country of cultural diversity and to promote that diversity, it has a number immigration law firms to help people migrate with ease and less complexities. Out of all such firms, Wildes and Weinberg is the one that has dominated the immigration law practices.

Established in the year 1960 by renowned law practitioner Leon Wildes, the company has helped numerous organizations in solving their immigration related problems effortlessly. As of now, Michael Wildes is the senior partner of this firm.

In the past 50 years, this company has set numerous benchmarks and milestones that other firms strive to achieve. Over the years, company has assisted numerous individual who were stuck with some form of legal jeopardy related to citizenship, political asylum, waivers, had lost their citizenship or were placed into deportations.

The firm has made a huge contribution in liberalizing the immigration laws in order to permit immigrants from all the nations in an effort to broaden the US immigration practices.

Wildes and Weinberg-Helps you with an effective immigration advise

Wildes and Weinberg is a New York based immigration law firm that provides skilled immigration legal representatives with latest and most suitable immigration strategies.  Regardless location in the U.S or in any other part of the world, the firm represents its clients including individuals, businesses, and families go through U.S. immigration process.