Month: January 2014

Wildes and Weinberg-Successfully assisted numerous clients

For more than 50 years,Wildes and Weinberg is working successfully for people who are experiencing variety of problems in their immigration process. Many high-profile people got benefit from the firm’s services in obtaining entry permission and visa to the country. Miss Universe 2013 María Gabriela Isler, soccer star Pele, chart topping singer David, to name but a few. Recently, firm secured secures 0-1 extension for ALFIO, well-known Australian-Italian singer.

Wildes and Weinberg-Brainchild of Leon Wildes

Wildes and Weinberg is the invention of Leon Wildes, the renowned legal representative in the immigration field. As a founder and senior partner, Leon oversaw the growth of the firm and today the firm comes in the list of fastest growing law companies in the industry. With a vision to provide legal assistance to people in the other parts of the country, the firm expanded the radius of its services by opening office braces in New York, Englewood, New Jersey, and Miami, Florida.

Wildes and Weinberg offers services that you can trust

For a long period of time, Wildes and Weinberg is providing its services to those who are finding it difficult to manage immigration procedure on their own. Talented and high skilled attorneys are part of this company to provide effective and timely solutions to several clients. Under the guidance of Michael Wildes, the company has grown significantly.

A law firm trusted by millions of immigrants

Contacting an immigration law firm can be the reason behind a visa application being rejected or accepted by the USCIS. Every year millions of visa applications are declared ineligible by this US authority. That is why immigrants seek professional help which is best available at law firms.

There are multiple reasons behind the ineligibly of an immigrant visa. One of the reasons is misrepresentation and fraud. This happens when any of the facts or details on the application is false. The second reason is prolonged stay in the United States. This happens when an immigrant continues to stay within the country even after the legally permitted duration of stay expires.

The last reason behind an application being rejected is failing to supply right documents or submitting incomplete forms with authorities. People who lack knowledge in terms of immigration laws and procedures often find themselves struggling with legal complexities. These unfavorable situations can be avoided by contacting an immigration firm.

Expert immigration lawyers working with such firms are well familiar with common pitfalls of immigration procedures. They review the application form and petition on behalf of their client immigrant, before its submission to avoid unnecessary delays in the legal processing.
These lawyers can be especially helpful to people who do not speak English fluently and may face troubles in finding out required forms and dealing with authorities. Lawyers help such people by planning the required procedures on their behalf.

Wildes and Weinberg is one such immigration law firm based in New York which was established in the year 1960. The founder of the firm is Leon Wildes ESQ, who himself is a law prodigy. The firm is famous for helping several big celebrities like John Lennon, and Yoko Ono.

Initially Wildes and Weinberg helped only individual immigrants who wanted to settle down in the United States. However, company’s services’ quality was so good that even banks and corporations began to ask for its help. This is when, company steadily started to shift its focus towards banks and corporate clients as well. The company is often credited for liberalizing US immigration policies.

Wildes and Weinberg’s appropriate immigration solutions

One of the most renowned law firms in the United States, Wildes and Weinberg focus in providing quality and result based resolutions to clients in their immigration related concerns.

Owing to more than 50 years of experience in immigration law field, the well-recognized firm Wildes and Weinberg is successfully offering exclusive services in exclusively on the immigration and nationality field.

With more than 50 years of extensive experience in handling variety of immigration cases for diversity of international as well as domestic clientele. The most sought after name for successful immigration representations, Wildes and Weinberg is focus on unraveling the knots of complex immigration and naturalization cases.

One of the oldest and top immigration law firms in the America, Wildes and Weinberg is an establishment of a distinguished immigration lawyer of its time, Leon Wildes. The immigration lawyer Michael Wildes, who is also a present senior partner of the firm, is overseeing the growth of the firm. Headquartered in New York, the firm also opened branch offices in Florida and New Jersey to expand the area of its service.

Initially, the service area of the firm was limited to the court representation for individuals, who lost their citizenship and facing deportation. Later, Wildes and Weinberg started representing individuals and corporate clients in various court representations related to business immigration, naturalization, work visas, overseas consular processing, labor certification, business and investor visas, and family based immigration, litigation, compliance etc.

The firm has more than 14 experienced immigration attorneys that focus on providing researched based solutions to best possible results for their clients. The legal representatives of the firm understand that the immigration case of every client is different from every other, in terms of requirements and associated case history (if the client has faced prior deportation or exclusion) etc.

To find the most suitable solution for the problem, the immigration attorneys properly analyze each case and then plan adequate strategies to make the case influential and strong in front of court. This is why Wildes and Weinberg has got recognition as the most reliable firm for skilled representation of immigration cases.

Wildes and Weinberg’s wide service area

One of the oldest and top immigration law firms in the United States, Wildes and Weinberg, provides skilled representation of various immigration cases including business immigration, naturalization, work visas, labor certification, family immigration, litigation, compliance etc. The firm is serving both individuals and corporate client in their immigration related matters.
Headquartered in New York, the firm emerged as the most reliable firm for quality legal services across the nation.