Month: February 2014

Wildes and Weinberg has great history of accomplishments

The immigration of people with extraordinary abilities and skills is of great importance to the country of opportunities, the United States. If is it so, why many people even high-profile celebrities face problems like application rejection and in some cases, permanent ban on entry to the country. The answer is simple, lack of an expert’s support.

With a vision to help people in their various immigration application requests, several law firms come on front. Their specialization comes from expert and experienced legal representatives who for them. In addition, they make sure that the request of every client is handled following the rules and regulation set by the U.S. government.

Wildes and Weinberg is one such firm that is known for providing best immigration services. The firm has a history of accomplishments that come from the work it did for many people, common, rich, and renowned.

Being in the immigration law field for more than fifty years, Wildes and Weinberg provides quality services in diversity of fields that encompasses business immigration, labor certification, family immigration, naturalization, permanent residency, and work and investor visa.

The firm has more than fourteen legal representatives that provide research based support to each of their clients. Because of its quality and affordable services, the firm took credit to obtain visa and entry permissions for many celebrities. Among its various clients, the work for celebrity hair stylist Tim Rogers, Miss Universe 2013 María Gabriela Isler, international soccer star Pele, Australian-Italian singer, ALFIO, chart-topping singer David, and more.

The fastest growing immigration law firm- Wildes and Weinberg

Applying for visa is not an easy task to do. A lot of complex paperwork is involved in this procedure, making it difficult for people to manage this procedure on their own. Wildes and Weinberg is an eminent firm providing its services to countless people facing difficulties in getting their visas approved. Wildes and Weinberg falls in the category of fastest growing immigration law firms.

The skilled of Wildes and Weinberg increase the chances of winning the case

In this world of globalization, many people are heading toward the United States in order to live their dreams. If you are one among them and applied for U.S. immigration, there are times you might need a skilled legal representative to speak for you in immigration case. It is important to look for a reputed firm that holds certain experience in handling such cases.

Other aspect of such firms is that they are equipped with experienced lawyers that have potential to represent your case in the court in right way and increase your chances to win the case. One among the most sought after immigration law firms in the country, Wildes and Weinberg is known for reliable immigration proceedings.

It has been more than fifty years, since Wildes and Weinberg assisting people in matters relating to immigration law. Pioneering in the law industry, the firm provides meticulous, wise and witty legal assistance in variety of immigration issues.

The firm has a successful history of bringing fruitful results to all his diverse range of clients. From its establishment in 1960, the law firm has assisted major client list that include multinational financial institutions, universities, the hospitality industry, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations, and many others.

The credit of founding and overseeing the growth of the most reliable law form for immigration cases goes to Mr. Leon Wildes who was an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and hold more than 30 years of experience in teaching. With a vision to help those who are looking right legal assistance to enter the America, he started firm that initially include services for individuals facing deportation.

Later, the services area of the firm were enhanced and the attorneys of the firm started counseling and conducting lawsuits for clients in business immigration, family immigration, naturalization, work visa, permanent citizenship, labor certification, court representation, investor visa, and more.

The current managing partner of the firm, Michael Wildes ESQ who was also a former Federal Prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, is overseeing the work of the firm. During more than fifty years of its work, the firm has handled countless cases such as the few that involve Tim Rogers, in which the firm obtained permission for him to permanently live in the United States.

Diverse area of Wildes and Weinberg services

Wildes and Weinberg holds more than fifty years of experience in immigration field. Due to its dedicated services, the firm earned an image of the most reputed firm in the United States of America. The diversity of case types, the Wildes and Weinberg provides assistance for include business immigration, naturalization, work visas, labor certification, family immigration, litigation, compliance etc.