Month: May 2015

Class-apart law agency in U.S.-Wildes and Weinberg

Wildes and Weinberg is an outstanding American law agency that has helped countless people to migrate to U.S. The company provides excellent quality of services that has made them the leading immigration law firms. The skilled employees of the firm are the hero’s behind the success of this company.

A reputable immigration firm that has many skilled attorneys

One of the most reliable immigration firms, Wildes and Weinberg has many skilled immigration lawyers that use all their experience and knowledge to avoid unnecessary delays in visa approvals for their clients. These experts strictly follow all the procedures to achieve desired outcomes.

How J-1 Visa Amendments would bring Laurels to Healthcare industry?

The amendments in J-1 visa are a boon for Medical Practitioners willing to serve in the United States. The amendments would allow Doctors to reach their dream destination with an ease. It has been seen in the recent years that there is shortage of Doctors in far-off places, medical care needs to reach these places at the earliest possible.


The Republicans, Democrats and immigration lawyers have raised their voice several times to address this issue. The immigration lawyers at Wildes and Weinberg have been continuously raising their voice to alter the conditions in J-1 visa. In the end, lawyers got credit for their valuable efforts.

Various immigration law firms have come forward several times to raise issues, which are of utmost importance for the United States. The immigration law firm, Wildes and Weinberg have been actively participating in such type of issues. The lawyers take responsibility to ensure that progress takes place in America.

Wildes and Weinberg is an immigration law firm based in the United States. Michael Wildes, Managing Partner at this law firm has always insured that issues like these are addressed at the earliest possible so that benefit reaches to the masses. Wildes and Weinberg is located in New York, New Jersey and Miami.