Month: September 2015

What are the visa requirements for EB-5 visa?

In a country like U.S, if anyone wants to set up a business, he must apply for EB-5 visa. However, there are certain visa criteria that the immigrant needs to fulfill in order to apply for EB-5 visa-
Capital investment- capital investment from around $500,000 or $1 million is required for starting a business venture in U.S. However, the money can be in the form of hard cash, assets, and tangible property.
Management of enterprise- To make the business project successful, one also requires to manage the business tasks apart from starting and investing in a business.
Business venture area- Immigrants are required to start the business venture in a rural area first. It is a rule that is set up the U.S authorities and all the Immigrants are required to follow this rule.
Joint investment- The business project must start in a proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, or corporation.

The aforementioned are some of the visa criteria requirements for EB-5 visa. However, if you are still not clear, you can consult the best immigration lawyer in your area.  Wildes and Weinberg is the best immigration law firm in New York that can help you with EB-5 visa issue.