Month: October 2015

L-1 Visa – Are you eligible to apply?

All those people, who want to enter The United States of America, temporarily for work, can apply for a non-immigrant visa, which is the L-1 visa. By availing this visa, workers can easily enter The United States of America to work in a company. However, the workers must be working with the same company for at least one year before applying for L-1 visa.

The L-1 visa falls under two main categories-

L-1A- This category of visa is mainly for the executives or the managers of the company. It is issued for 7 years.

L-1B-This category of visa is mainly for the workers who have some special knowledge in some specific field. It is issued for 5 years.

In addition, the dependents of the L-1 visa holder can get the L-2 visa and the dependents may include spouses and unmarried children who are under 21 years of age.

However, under this visa, the period of stay is different for people from different countries. For example- for the foreign people from Iran, the period of stay is about three months and the people of Mexico can stay for one year only. In addition, the citizens of Brazil, China, and Russia can stay for around two years whereas for the citizens of India, Japan, Germany, the visa limit is of Five years. However, the time can be extended but not more than seven years.

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